Evolution of Anarkali Suits: From Mughal Period to Modern Age

Anarkali suits have a long history that stretches back to the Mughal era. They are renowned for their ageless beauty and imperial appeal. Over time, these elegant outfits have changed, adjusting to shifting fashion trends but preserving their core. Anarkali suits have endured through the ages, appearing in the lavish palaces of Mughal rulers, on current runways, and in contemporary closets. Anarkali suits are the subject of this blog, which traces its history back to the Mughal era while exhibiting recent variants. Our business's beautiful Anarkali suit styles are also a blend of traditional artistry and modern elegance.

Anarkali Suits in Mughal Period:

During the Mughal era, Anarkali suits became a preferred attire among royal women. Named after the legendary courtesan Anarkali, these floor-length garments featured a fitted bodice and a voluminous skirt. They were typically crafted from rich fabrics such as silk and brocade, adorned with intricate embroideries, and embellished with precious stones, zari, and sequins. The Mughal empresses and noblewomen donned Anarkali suits, exuding grace, and grandeur.

Anarkali Suits in the Colonial Era:

With the arrival of the British in India, fashion transformed. Anarkali suits adapted to the changing times, incorporating elements of Western style. The silhouette became slightly less voluminous, and the fabrics shifted towards lighter materials like muslin and cotton. The embroidery patterns also saw influences from European motifs, resulting in a unique fusion of styles.

Anarkali Suits in the Post-Independence Era:

After India gained independence, there was a resurgence of interest in traditional clothing. Anarkali suits experienced a revival, with designers and artisans reintroducing this timeless attire to the modern fashion landscape. Bollywood movies also played a significant role in popularizing Anarkali suits, as actresses adorned them on-screen, captivating audiences with their elegance and beauty.

Modern Anarkali Suits:

In the contemporary era, Anarkali suits have evolved further, showcasing many styles, fabrics, and embellishments. Our brand takes pride in offering diverse Anarkali suits that blend traditional aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Let's explore some of our exquisite designs:

  • Pastel Green Embroidered Anarkali Suit with Embroidered Mulmul Dupatta:

  • The enchanting ensemble features delicate embroidery work on a pastel green Anarkali suit, complemented by an intricately embroidered Mulmul dupatta. The combination of soft hues and delicate detailing exudes grace and sophistication.

  • Maya Blue Anarkali Suit with Embroidered Mulmul Dupatta:

  • Radiating a sense of elegance, the Maya Blue Anarkali suit showcases a vibrant hue adorned with detailed embroidery. The Mulmul dupatta with matching embroidery adds a touch of finesse to this ensemble.

  • Mulberry Purple Anarkali Suit with Sequin Work Mulmul Dupatta:

  • The Mulberry Purple Anarkali suit is adorned with sequin work for a glamorous look, creating a captivating play of light. The Mulmul dupatta with sequin accents adds a touch of luxury and grace.

  • Electric Blue Anarkali Suit With Sequin Work Mulmul Dupatta:

  • This striking ensemble features an electric blue Anarkali suit embellished with shimmering sequins. The Sequin Work Mulmul dupatta adds a touch of allure and completes the look with elegance.

  • Bright Yellow Angrakha Anarkali Suit with Embroidered Mulmul Dupatta:

  • The Angrakha style adds a traditional twist to the Anarkali suit. This bright yellow ensemble, adorned with intricate embroidery, captures attention. The embroidered Mulmul dupatta adds finesse and elegance to the overall look.

  • Mustard Anarkali Suit with Embroidered Mulmul Dupatta:

  • The mustard-colored Anarkali suit exudes warmth and vibrancy. The refined embroidery work and the embroidered Mulmul dupatta complement the ensemble, creating a stunning visual appeal.

  • Rust Orange Anarkali Suit Set with Printed Organza Dupatta:

  • The rust orange Anarkali suit set showcases a contemporary twist with a printed organza dupatta. The combination of rich color and the unique fabric creates a distinctive look.

  • Subtle Brown Anarkali Suit Set With Organza Dupatta:

  • The subtle brown Anarkali suit set is a perfect choice for a more understated and sophisticated look. The organza dupatta adds a touch of ethereal charm, enhancing the overall elegance.

  • Snow White Frill Anarkali Suit with Embroidered Dupatta:

  • This snow-white Anarkali suit features frill detailing, adding a playful touch to the ensemble. The embroidered dupatta adds a sense of sophistication and completes the look with finesse.

  • Lilac Anarkali Suit with Printed Organza Dupatta:

  • The lilac Anarkali suit exudes femininity and grace. The printed organza dupatta enhances the charm, creating a visually captivating ensemble.


    From their origins in the Mughal period to the modern age, Anarkali suits have evolved, adapting to changing fashion trends while retaining their timeless appeal. Our brand embraces this rich history by offering diverse Anarkali suits that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. Each design, including the Pastel Green Embroidered Anarkali Suit, Maya Blue Anarkali Suit, and Mulberry Purple Anarkali Suit, showcases the beauty and versatility of this iconic attire. As Anarkali suits continue to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide, their legacy remains intact, a testament to their enduring charm.

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